The Best Schools Are Also Driving Up House Prices in the UK

kingshott-schoolThe United Kingdom is known for its large number of excellent schools, most of them independent and privately held.

But with good schools that have a great reputation sometimes even beyond the U.K.’s borders may come the one or the other issue as well.

One of them is the increased house prices in those locations in the United Kingdom with renowned education institutions.

There is a very interesting and helpful map which I found over at The Telegraph. It’s a map of the United Kingdom with all of its good schools and the current prices for housing in a particular area. If you look at the map, it becomes clear how home prices are often directly related to the vicinity of a good private school.

The data was compiled by research Institute Savills. Their latest report seems to suggest that for many the “most cost efficient option is to tap into high performing state schools, without school fees to worry about”.

The director of Savills, Lucian Cook in a public statement:  “Prices in the postcode sector of the best-performing, non-selective state schools are on average 28pc higher than for the region in which they sit.” He added that this gives “credibility to the school premium that those living in relevant school catchment areas so often refer to”.

On the other hand, a good private school in the United Kingdom does not always need to cost a fortune. Here it can always be worthwhile that you look into housing costs in case you plan to move. With some luck may be able to find a good private school although in those area where housing still rather affordable.

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